Need Empty Room For Roof & Living (Hicksville or Queens or Queens border? or?)

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I am putting this in the barter section, because I've always paid $500 for a room, since 2005, in all different places,
after the person went down for me, for the right person in their place.
I see marketplace rent these days is way higher than I can afford but I also bring many things to the table.
Please read my ad below.
Looking to stay in Hicksville or Queens or Queens border, or? for the right situation again, please read when you have some time.

My fellow Hicksville residents (& beyond...)
Want to pass my information incase somebody knows of anything & to spread the word. "Asking is free".

I am in search of another place to live (room rental). I would like to stay in Hicksville, I've lived in Hicksville, 3 different times, with different rentals, different parts of my life. Otherwise if I don't find anything in Hicksville again, I will maybe try to go back to Queens/Brooklyn rentals, since Hicksville is where I am happy with. Unless someone else emails me on Long Island, with a safe ideal situation for both me & them, I'd be willing to listen, depending where you are exactly. (I've already lived in Syosset, Farmingdale & Huntington Station & Glendale Queens, in other past rentals) I'm a New Yorker for life.

I've been renting since 2002 & been renting rooms since 2005. I can't afford apartments & can't afford much but I am a rare one of a kind person for the right person/home. As a renter my place is never guaranteed & that's the only thing I ever need help with in life (another good place to live) (a roof!) Otherwise I am extremely independent & like doing things myself.

My landlords house sold. I knew him from past flea markets/garage sales we use to do together, I was inbetween moves & he hadn't rented half his rental property in 3 years because it needed to be fixed.....so I moved in, made a deal, until now I have to move.

About me: I do not smoke, I do not drink, I do not do drugs. I was brought up right, I am honest & trustworthy & despise lies. I am quiet, stay to myself, no guests, I don't cook (just boil some water for tea or pasta) so I'm not cooking eggs or meat or in the way to this nature. I use all my own stuff, toilet paper, paper towels, food, etc.

I am searching for an EMPTY room that can be made empty with my help if needed! with NON SMOKER home only, (no outside smoker either).... I've always had one really large room or 2 small rooms. I am also very smart & caring & can help out in other ways. I can sell things for people (half & half) & can take in the mail, take out the garbage & an overall help on my own doing. Vacuuming, cleaning, organizing etc. (I've been mowing & weeding here. Garbage, Sales etc.).

I am not looking to live with anymore dogs if I can prevent it. Thank you for understanding. Again, of course, if you may have a safe, ideal situation & want to work something out, email me regardless with all details..

No basements. I am looking to live on floor not carpet. I do not need parking, I use the trains & bicycle. Must be in walking distance to the LIRR area 1.5 miles or less. or if you live further west, walking to the N22 or N24 bus going towards Queens, for the subways.

Strictly platonic only, as always.

I am looking for my next SAFE, good place to be in. Do you have a spare room you can make empty for the RIGHT person?
I am a professional organizer who organizes homes or help people with their moves packing/unpacking, but always have to search for new clients. With the very slowing economy, it's getting harder & harder for new clients to find me, to want a service. I am an expert at what I do & been doing it for over 15 years & is my passion & what I breathe....I also help sell things for people, but nothing is adding up these days......

I've been paying $500, all through-out my life with room rentals, after the person has gone down with me for the RIGHT person. This works for someone who already owns the home or has their own place & just wants some extra income &/or a really good person in their place. The last place I was in for 5 years, (here), it was a small apt. like studio size, of my own in exchange (being in between moves) & him not renting the place because it needed to be fixed up, so we worked out an agreement until it was fixed up & I also did many things around here as well.

I've never missed a payment since 2002 renting, but life is getting harder & harder. It's scary not knowing where you're next roof is & I've been through it moving countless times. People are always moving, or selling the house, or needing the room back for family or some type of natural common cause why I have to leave. I am tired of moving. My average places are 2 1/2 years but I made it 3 years in Glendale Queens, & 5 years here in Hicksville. I have no pets, just a small tortoise in a tank, (land, not water) I've had since a child. He eats greens not bugs. (That is who I am most concerned about. He cannot be out in the cold.

(I've seen situations in the past, where elder folks, some simply don't like to be home alone at night, to potentially work something else out instead, as a possibility too). I love the elderly. As I'm in a scary bind, never know who needs help as well.

Well that's all I can think of for now... If you think you may have something for me in Hicksville & want to help out, we can help each other out & learn from each other, please reach out. Thank You!

& if you have something else, from what I describe above, that you feel may be ideal, feel free to reach out & be detailed for easy communication. (New Hyde Park? Floral Park? Mineola? Forest Hills? Kew Gardens? Elmhurst? or?)

I try to help people everyday of my life, in some way, it just makes me feel good & happy in life, it comes natural to me. Unfortunately, I'm in need of help now....
Thank You !

(Even if you have a garage in Hicksville or know of an office in Hicksville, or a store that's been vacant for a while in Hicksville, some place I can rest my head at night in privacy within walls & groom within privacy & have my stuff with me & somewhere for my tortoise when I have to go out. Anything is better than the street, please email me if you can help)

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