INVESTOR to Build the #1 Entertainment Complex in NY on LI - $1 (Suffolk County)

INVESTOR to Build the #1 Entertainment Complex in NY on LI 1 thumbnailINVESTOR to Build the #1 Entertainment Complex in NY on LI 2 thumbnailINVESTOR to Build the #1 Entertainment Complex in NY on LI 3 thumbnailINVESTOR to Build the #1 Entertainment Complex in NY on LI 4 thumbnailINVESTOR to Build the #1 Entertainment Complex in NY on LI 5 thumbnail
Pay Attention !!!!!
" Opportunity Of A Lifetime "
Looking for a wealthy investor that’s Bored !!!
A billionaire that would like to have some fun with his money and light up his life by making something great happen while adding to his wealth at the same time !!
I’m talking about building and owning what will be without a doubt the most successful and talked about entertainment complex ever built in NY, with the atmosphere of a Casino a Night Club and a Resort all in one. Built in a secluded area with a private road entrance which will become a tourist attraction and a landmark treasured by all.
This is not a hope or a dream ! As I am a previous General Contractor, a Club and Restaurant Owner, Operator, and a promoter that’s extremely gifted, talented, and experienced to the max !!
I’m able to design, layout operate and put this complex together easily, creating an atmosphere where they won’t want to leave, and can't wait to come back… that’s a fact…

This investment is 100% safe as we are not spending, just moving money into real-estate and a building that we'll Own, The location will have instant fame and become Multi-Million Dollar income producing property immediately, which will bring the Investment right back along with unbelievable perks,,

It will offer all, Restaurants, Gift Shops, a Night Club, a Concert Hall, Slots, a swimming pool, a fitness center, and a Country club that offers all the goodies and caters to the In-crowd and the wealthy.
A location impossible to be competed with, where they will enjoy themselves to the fullest, making it the only place they’ll ever go to party, or hold party's, benefits, or political campaigns. To insure a clientele of "Only The Finest Of People”, the Complex will offer a membership card that eliminates all cover charges at the complex, giving free entrance to the night club, Concerts, Shows, use of the swimming pool area and the fitness center.
For the summer they’ll be a large outdoor patio with a bar and dance floor designed with a tropical atmosphere that will create a a party every afternoon no one will want to miss !!!
A location where they can relax, sunbathe at a pool, have dinner, catch a show, play slots or just dance the night away on the patio, or step back inside and be dazzled by the light show and the music ,,.

I don't have a fancy hustling Investment PKG to drop on a desk, if your interested we'll meet one on one like two friends meeting to discuss this venture, I'll run the entire plan of the layout and operation by you, explaining in detail the reasons for the complex’s super success. This will give you a mental picture of what we'll own.
A location operated like no other that will not only create a family of friends who will cherish and follow the club, it will create a family of friends that everyone will want to be part of, and proud to be a holder of he complex’s membership card…

Believe all stated, as the know how and talent to make this location happen is “For Real”. I am an honest realistic down to earth person that is a “Man Of His Word”, I’ve been called a genius by many in this business. I would never attempt this or gamble with an Investors money unless I was absolutely sure and without doubt that I am able to make this location happen exactly as described !!

This is that “Opportunity of a Lifetime” to own the most Successful Entertainment Complex ever built in NY on LI,,
You have to be willing to discuss this project using intelligent ball park figures along with a verbal description explaining all,.
It’s simple, if you believe and like what you hear we’ll put it all on paper, after that you’ll just have to say …
At this point you’ll be able to sit back relax and experience the excitement of putting such a location together. Building this complex will not only light up your life, it’s gonna make us a “TON “ of money. $$$$$$$$$$$,, Jack, Remember
“A Little KISS Will Make Everything Better”

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