Guitar and/or Bass lessons-highly skilled teacher, pro resume (Huntington)

Guitar lessons with highly experienced teacher: rock, blues, fusion, jazz (beginning to intermediate), classical, sight reading, music theory, ear training, improvisation, odd time signatures, dropped tuning, open tuning, slide. All age levels. Lessons tailored to the age and experience of the student.

Bass lessons with highly experienced teacher: rock, blues, fusion, jazz (beginning to intermediate), sight reading, music theory, ear training, improvisation, odd time signatures, developing bass lines for all styles of music. All age levels. Lessons tailored to the age and experience of the student.

Dan was the head guitar and bass guitar arranger / music transcriber for Alfred Music Publishing Co. and also works with Guitar World Magazine, Hal Leonard, Warner Bros. Music, etc. Dan has transcribed over 200 books of all different styles of music, from Van Halen, to Cream, to Green Day, to Dream Theater, and everything in-between. Experienced in live and studio recording, Broadway theater, musical direction, rock bands, wedding bands, and has been teaching over the last 25 plus years. Your home or mine, contact by phone or text for more information on rates, scheduling, etc. Dan

Student testimonials:

I've known Dan for over 40 years. He and I have been playing music together since we were kids. I can safely say that he's one of the finest musicians I have ever known. Although I have been a professional guitar player for 50 years, Dan's knowledge of the guitar as it relates to theory, notation and inversions (positioning of the fingers on the neck) dwarfs my own. Through the years he has been an invaluable resource, and has taught me a great deal about the finer points of playing the guitar. His ability as a transcriber is well recognized in the industry, and he has tackled the most daunting projects imaginable, from the entire Led Zeppelin catalogue to Dream Theater. Add to this his patient demeanor, his positive attitude towards life and his dry sense of humor and you will find yourself truly enjoying being involved with him as either a teacher or a transcriber of music. I'm proud to call him my friend.
-Larry B.-

I'm writing this to let anyone who's thinking of taking guitar lessons from Dan know what a great teacher he is. I always wanted to play the guitar, but couldn't get it trying to teach myself. The books I got were helpful, but it wasn't until I started lessons with Dan that it started making sense. He taught me so much about the different ways to play chords, different tunings, ways to play all the great solos I couldn't figure out, and most importantly made it fun while we were doing it. Stop thinking about it. Take lessons from Dan. He's the best. 
-Ricky M.-

During the past several years Dan has transcribed many songs that I have requested. The transcriptions have provided guitar tablature for rhythm guitar, lead guitar and when requested piano parts arranged for guitar. Each transcription has been extremely accurate and transmitted in PDF format that have enabled me to maintain electronic and hard copies of each song. The email communications for each song have included insights into how songs are structured, changes in time signatures and other interesting nuances. Each request has been completed and forwarded in a timely manner. Dan has an excellent "ear" and the many songs he has transcribed have enabled me to improve my guitar playing and provided many hours of enjoyment.
-Bob E.-

Over the 2 yrs. I've been studying with Dan he has shown me how easy and fun it can be to play guitar. His ability to teach me theory and technique are simple and thorough. Dan has definitely helped me be a better player and musician. Thanx Dan!
-Pat A.-

Hey Dan, I just wanted to thank you for all your help. As you know I've had other bass teachers and even though I liked them none of them could get me to learn like you do. You are an amazing bass teacher with the patients of a saint. It is very difficult for me to learn anything new at 52 years old but you have a way of making it seem easy. Thanks again for working so hard with me and I look forward to continue my progress with you. 
-Andy A.-

Thank you Dan for teaching my son to play guitar. By customizing his lessons based on his musical taste and ability you make learning fun. Great to see and hear him improving. 
-Kevin H.-

I've been through multiple guitar teachers and just was never able to get it down. Dan changed that however. He really took the time to explain before each new idea and I felt no pressure when I wasn't able to get it right away. Definitely the best teacher I've found so far and I'm difficult to please.
-Aaron B.-

Dan is a spot on tab master and excellent guitar teacher. He taught me the way a song is played by the artist who recorded it. Even the role from every guitar player in the song like Blue Sky and To Cry You a Song using guitar harmonies. Finger picking with Alice's Restaurant and Dust in the Wind and Solsbury Hill .He would teach the theory behind each song. All songs I picked out and wasn't sure I could play and Dan would make it simple but correct. Tasty from the Good Rats to Bad Sneakers by Steely Dan. The list goes on. He has a great knowledge of teaching the fret board and using scales and getting you to recognize different scales and different techniques to play great leads. All in all he makes playing the guitar fun .I will say he is certainly a perfectionist in every way and would highly recommend his lessons to anyone who wants to play guitar .I will also note I took a few bass lessons being curious how to play it and he did a great job teaching me how it's played. He's excellent on both instruments. List of some of the songs we worked on with all original Tabs: Life's been Good,Tasty,Potters Field (Rail road earth)St.Stephen,Goin down the road Feeling bad,Babe I'm gonna leave ya,Solsbury Hill,Lay down Sally,ToCryYou a Song,Layla,Sultans of the Swing,Why Does Love Have To be So Sad,Stairway to Heaven,Blue Sky,Elizabeth Reed,Stormy Monday,Presence of the lord,Had To Cry Today,Whipping Post,While my guitar Gently Weeps,Bad Sneakers, Reelin in the years,Rikki don't lose that number,Walk Away,Brown Sugar,Rock this town,Comfortably Numb,Mississippi Queen,and more. Can't go wrong here.
-Charley L.-

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