New Open Jam in Centereach (Lake Ronkonkyomama)

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Middle Country Rd. near Walmart Shopping Center
Ayo, ayo, what’s crackalackin’, fam? I'm shoutin’ out to all my folks out there to slide through to my new open jam! This ain’t like all them busted-ass jams on Long Island, nah, this the real deal, feel me? Why? ‘Cause I don't be discriminatin', nah mean? Everybody welcome to join in this joint.

We gettin' it poppin' in the daytime, usually 'round 1:00 p.m., rockin' till 'bout 7:00. Every weekend, if the weather's dope, we settin' up. You can catch us at the Walmart Shopping Plaza in Centereach, sometimes we switchin' it up across the street at the Auto Zone parkin' lot. Gotta get that max exposure on Middle Country Rd, ya dig?

I'm tryna sign up some fly musicians to jump in. Ain’t no pay right now, but we divvy up them tips while you playin'. I got the skills and experience, and my favorite part is jammin’ on random heavy metal riffs. Ain't gotta play 'em perfect or all the way through – this is all 'bout havin' fun! We come together to support each other and lift up the community.

I’m layin' down that lead guitar, and we got spots for all instruments. Bring your own amp and P.A. if you got 'em. I got an extra bass guitar if anybody need it. Bring the fam too – kids can wild out with the tambourine while you inside Walmart shoppin'. Great way to spend the day with the fam. It's dog-friendly too. Come make some new homies, stay in the loop, climb the ranks in the community, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

So, what you waitin' for? Slide through and let’s get this jam rollin’!

Your Boy, Ronky

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