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OK... Sharing this from Michael at Carol's Senior Pet Sanctuary in Sayville. The Dog Rescue we at RYY had a Fund Raiser for... Michael is a Saint... Almost dying, ALL he thought of were the DOGS... He has at least $40,000. in Vet Bills for the pups he saved from neglect, abandonment, kill shelters, etc... MOST of his dogs are OLD and/or SICK... He pretty much works for them... IF, after reading this... Anyone wants to DONATE any amount to the Vet Bills, take the burden/stress off him... You can leave an envelope w/ my name: GINNY (IEV) up front at Remember YesterYears Antique Center, w/ a note: For Carol's, or, STOP IN to Carol Genovesi Seniorpetsanctuary OR I can give you the Go Fund Me Link (they take a fee, though)... The story: News
Carol Genovesi Seniorpetsanctuary
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Sayville Ny ๐Ÿ’• Personal Update Thanking everyone that noticed I was offline for ten days. I just finished returning tons of texts and messages and will be getting to my emails tomorrow.
Sunday, May 26th, was a typical fun day for me spending it with our pups. As the day was coming to an end, I was finishing up unloading a few large bags of dog food from my truck when I started to get a crushing pain in the center of my chest. I figured I was just exhausted so I sat in the a/c and had some water for a few minutes (to see if I could get it to go away). The pain stayed steady and I decided to drive to Stony Brook Hospital to have it checked out. I only made it a few blocks away when I went into a deep sweat, became nauseous and the excrucuating pain started radiating from my chest into my jaw. I realized my situation just got worse and I made a quick left into West Sayville Fire Department's parking lot and called 911 from there. Within minutes, they had me stabilized, in their ambulance, and on my way to South Shore University Hospital. "I'm fine now. The pain went away. Thank you. I'm ready to go home now." I told the EMTs but it didn't get me out of it.
After being rushed into the er, they confirmed that I was in the middle of a heart attack. I was taken into surgery for a stent. That's the last thing I remember for about 5 days.
It turned out that while they were in the middle of the angiogram, they realized I had 3 blockages and 1 torn artery. The first idea was to chopper me to their other hospital, North Shore, because of the special heart surgeon there. The chopper ride would have been too risky so they brought him to me instead! Amazing!!!!! 4 bypasses later, I have a brand new heart! My stay in the hospital was ten and a half days! I have follow up care and exercises for my lungs over the next few weeks but heading in the right direction.
A Huge Thank You To:
West Sayville Fire Deartment. There is no doubt in my mind that their fast diagnosis, care and transport is the major reason I am here today.
Dr Pupovsc Specialty Heart Surgeon who rebuilt my heart in 7 hours.
The entire South Shore Hospital Er and Cardiac staff was beyond awesome.
All of the above plus I'm sure countless other people I do not remember helped save my life.
A huge thank you to a few key volunteers that joined together to care for the rescues while I was incapacitated.
Another Huge Thank you to Atlantic Coast Veterinary Hospital And Gradys Animal Hospital for continuing to handle any foster emergencies when they realized I was unreachable but didn't know why. ๐Ÿ’•
Between my angiogram and emergency surgery they woke me up for a few minutes to change surgery rooms. I do not recall this or even what was happening at the time but apparently I was screaming for a pen and paper because I had a tube in my throat and i wanted to make sure our rescues were taken care of. Thank you Larry, cardiac staff member which I found out at a later date was the person that made the call.
I will be catching up on applications for adoptions this weekend as well as fundraising for our outstanding vet invoices. If you Sent a message and don't hear from me by Sunday please reach out to me again.
Thank you

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