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DOJ, Rino's and Dems tried to give Putin the Power in a conversation with POTUS and Putin that could have gone like this.

POTUS: We have your people dead to rights on meddling in our elections. You ......
PUTIN: Me? You need to look at your predecessor, your own intelligence: FBI, courts and even your AG - a national disgrace.
POTUS: Look stay focused ∧ on topic, also remember China has a plan and wants to take us both out.
PUTIN: Sure I'm focused, but can you trust your own DOJ?
POTUS: We have the smartest and finest people.
PUTIN: Sure, but who are they workin' for? Obama?
POTUS: Obama and his policies are out and not an issue? The focus here is on you and your meddling.
PUTIN: Look, Bama set you up to lose as soon as it looked like you had even a slim chance to win
POTUS: You look - the people spoke and I'm in office because the USA recognizes Obama's policies were wrong for America
PUTIN: Sure, you knew and called HilLIARy crooked. I mean where are the servers, where are the phones, where are her 33,000 emails? Does your DOJ have them? If not, why not, if yes, where are they?
POTUS: Not your concern.
PUTIN: How can I work with you when your DOJ is full of Bama's people. Your attorney general turned his back on you-for what purpose?
POTUS: He is a good man who recused himself because he saw a conflict of interest.
PUTIN: OK, you say recused, I say weak. Bama's whole following is a conflict of interest for the US. How many knives will the AG let Bama's people try to put in your back before he does some firing, convicting and jailing? Where is he?
POTUS: I'm saying leave our elections to us and say out.
PUTIN: With the corrupt Bamalintons still active in the swamp, I CAN stay out. See that swamp is out to stay in power even if they have to destroy the capitalism of the US, as they send your manufacturing jobs to China, along with your technology - Oh and please say thanks to HIlLIARy for helping us get 25% of your uranium.
POTUS: It looks like you cannot stay focused on the topic -not meddling in our elections.
PUTIN: I'm totally focused, but the Bamalinton Dems, Rinos, and DOJ are out to ensure you lose YOUR focus.
POTUS: Not gonna happen.

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