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Pandemic Here- Starvation Coming (Everywhere)

Saturday, on the CBS news, the UN says that by September, 240 million people will be starving for food. they're calling it , "a famine of Biblical Proportions". I don't know for sure, but I'd say that big cities are gonna become DEATH TRAPS. If you can't, or don't know how, to hunt or grow your own're gonna be up SHIT CREEK if this comes to pass. And....if you don't think someone will kill you over a can of Tuna Fish, you have never been HUNGRY! Suggestion: Find you some spot in the country, NOW. Or go live with Aunt Sweetie and Uncle John in the country. Buy some books on growing food, and how to butcher animals- or find you someone who knows how to do it, so they can teach you. You can sit on your ass, waiting and hoping that things will get back to, "normal"- or you can start preparing now.
Serious're gonna wait until things have gone totally to HELL, and then, you'll expect people, or the "Guvamint", to help you- but there will be no help to be found. Won't be no FEMA camps to live in, because the government won't be able to AFFORD to run them. People will be out, DESPERATE, shooting anyone and anything they can find. Ignore this warning at your own risk......
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