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condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Toshiba
model name / number: MD9DM1

Please read all the following terms before contacting me. While I understand that they are blunt & to the point please understand that they are necessary given the many dead end inquiries I get that could have easily been answered by the inquiring party simply reading the description, reviewing all attached pictures, product details & measurements. This saves us both the time of unnecessary "back & forth" as I get many, many people who contact me only to flake out for the reasons below:

- Only contact me when you have the money in hand for the full purchase price of the item.

- Replies from me will be timely & they should be the same from you in turn. If you can't reply to emails within no more than 24 hours please do not contact me at all. Unfortunately I have had MANY instances of people sending me an initial email expressing interest only to have them never reply after I send an initial response.

- I am located in the Setauket area of Long Island (zip code 11733), so please be aware of that when contacting me. make sure to include your location in your initial message to me so that i have a better chance of knowing that you are not a spambot/scammer.

- When sending me your initial email please include the best phone number to reach you at when you send me your initial message. This gives me a better way to reach you for faster communication. I will call, from a hard line, first, not text, as to avoid scammers & fishers so please don't ask me to text you.

- If you need any approval from your spouse, partner, etc to purchase the item in question, please get that first before contacting me. Unfortunately I have had a good deal of instances where I will get near the end of the sale & then the "buyer" will back out last minute as they got chewed out by their significant other for not letting them know & get approval.

- Review all measurements before contacting me: both of the item i am selling, the vehicle you will be picking it up in & the space/room that you will be keeping the item in upon getting it. Doing so up front is vital as a single measurement can be a "make or break" factor.

- In certain circumstances (particularly for larger and/or more expensive items) I may be able to deliver. if that is the case there will be a delivery fee to cover time, gas, mileage, tolls (if applicable), etc.

- If you do not drive or don't have a car you must let me know this up front.

- I am not open to trades so do not contact me asking if I am.

Now onto the listing:

Up for sale is ONE (1) vintage (Manufactured March of 2002) Toshiba 9" CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) based TV/DVD combo (television with DVD player built in), Model MD9DM1. The CRT display technology as well as the analog video inputs (RF & composite) make this TV ideal for playing your retro video games & viewing other older video formats such as VHS cassette tapes. This is also a great display set for various trade applications such as retail (visual merchandising, etc), promotional use, trade show as well as film/TV/stage set dress & prop use (particularly for period accurate filming where the props must reflect the technology of that decade), etc.

This vintage television is in excellent physical/cosmetic condition & functioning fine.

This TV measures 12" wide by 11" high with a depth of 12 & 1/4" & a weight of 18 pounds.

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