**NEW/SEALED** Super Mario Bros. Wonder (Nintendo Switch) - $50 (South Huntington)

**NEW/SEALED** Super Mario Bros. Wonder (Nintendo Switch) 1 thumbnail**NEW/SEALED** Super Mario Bros. Wonder (Nintendo Switch) 2 thumbnail**NEW/SEALED** Super Mario Bros. Wonder (Nintendo Switch) 3 thumbnail**NEW/SEALED** Super Mario Bros. Wonder (Nintendo Switch) 4 thumbnail**NEW/SEALED** Super Mario Bros. Wonder (Nintendo Switch) 5 thumbnail
condition: new
make / manufacturer: Nintendo

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Brand new & factory-sealed, USA version. Not an imported version from overseas like some others out there!! Imports have less value and are not a valid apples-to-apples comparison.

** Additional Nintendo Switch and 3DS games are also available. Please see my other listing(s) via the "more ads by this user" link.

^ Available for local pickup in the South Huntington, NY area near the Walt Whitman Mall. Also willing to SHIP items if payment is received upfront.

(*) I do nearby public meetups and as a general rule I do not make deliveries or go out of the way to meet. Way too many issues with people either no-showing and/or pulling a disappearing act. It's disturbing just how incredibly flaky and unreliable many are.
(*) I don't put items on hold & prompt payment is expected. If you can't pay right away then return later when you are able.
(*) As a general rule I am not interested in trading (unless you have rare DS/3DS or Switch games from my wishlist that I am missing).
(*) Listed prices are subject to change (before we have an agreement in principle) based on current market values or trends. I try to keep them up to date when I can but it can fluctuate quite a bit depending on the title.
(*) I do not operate with urgency to sell so don't think that dropping some lowball offer of quick cash is going to get you anywhere. The only thing it accomplishes is creating a bad rapport or vibe from the start. There is a lot of nonsense that goes on that has gotten really old and I just don't have time for it.
(*) Egregious lowballers or those who are annoying/harassing will be put on ignore and/or may be blocked/blacklisted.
(*) I do not list a phone number for a reason and I will not reply via call or text. I value my privacy & you don't need to know my number unless I deem it necessary or useful at some point. Only spammers and scammers expect/demand otherwise. Everyone has easily accessible e-mail on their phone to communicate with these days anyway.
(*) If you are buying with the intent to resell then just understand that you should probably look elsewhere as it's likely not going to be worth it here.
(*) When shopping please pay attention to details and what exactly you are looking at. If you have a question or need more details, ask. I try to be as transparent as possible.

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