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DVDs for sale, $1 each:

A Beautiful Mind
Alice In Chains Unplugged
Batman Begins
Batman Collection (4 movies)
Blade Runner - special edition
Bruce Almighty
The Client
DaVinci Code
Devil's Advocate
District 9
Epic Adventures Collection (4 movies/4 discs)
Event Horizon
Evolution (sci-fi comedy movie)
Fight Club
Final Fantasy: The Sprits Within
Final Fantasy: The Sprits Within (special edition)
Hellyboy blu ray: Blood & Iron / Sword of Storms
Honey I Shrunk the Kids
James Bond - GoldenEye
Jumanji (the original with Robin Williams)
Leon The Professional
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship
Lord of the Rings: Two Towers
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
One Hour Photo
Princess Bride
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves
Robots (computer animated)
Shawshank Redemption
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows
Stargate Ark of Truth
Stargate Continuum
Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny
The Sixth Day
Titan A.E.
Tron (1982)
Tron Legacy
2010: The Year We Make Contact (sequel to 2001 A Space Odyssey)
DVDs and Blu-rays for $5 each:
Afro Samurai, complete anime series
A Christmas Story
Back to the Future trilogy, 3 dvds
Blade Runner Final Cut, blu ray (I paid $9.99 plus tax, still have receipt.)
Blade Runner 2049, blu ray (I paid $21.31, still have receipt.)
Constantine, blu ray
Deadpool, blu ray
Despicable Me (dvd + blu ray)
Devil's Advocate, blu ray
Ender's Game, blu ray + dvd (I paid $5.99 plus tax, still have the receipt.)
Fearless (Jet Li) blu ray
Final Fantasy: The Sprits Within, blu ray
Full-Metal Alchemist Sacred Star of Milos, dvd + blu ray
Hellboy, blu ray
Hellboy II: The Golden Army, blu ray
Hong Kong Fooey - complete tv series (kids cartoon)
Inception, blu ray + dvd
I Robot, blu ray
Mrs Doubtfire, blu ray (I paid $6.99 plus tax, still have the receipt.)
Rush Hour 1, blu ray
Rush Hour 3, blu ray
Sherlock Holmes/Game of Shadows, 2 blu rays (I paid $9.99 plus tax, still have receipt.)
Terminator Genisys, blu ray
Wreck-It Ralph, blu ray
Box sets for $10 each:
Firefly complete tv series
Ice Age 4-movie set, blu ray
Independence Day + Resurgence, 2 blu rays (I paid $11.99 plus tax, still have receipt.)
Jurassic Park trilogy, 3 dvds
Night At The Museum trilogy, 3 blu rays, (I paid $12.99 plus tax, still have receipt.)
Outlaw Star complete anime series, 6 dvds
Robocop trilogy, blu ray, 3 discs
Serenity movie, dvd
Ultimate James Bond volume 1 (five movies, ten DVDs)
Ultimate James Bond volume 4 (five movies, ten DVDs)
Witchblade, complete anime series on 3 blu rays
Box sets for $20 each:
Battlestar Galactica, the original 1978 series, 10 DVDs
Cowboy Bebop complete anime series + movie, dvd
Gungrave complete anime series, 3 blu ray discs
Ice Age 5-movie set, blu ray slim pack (I paid $24.99 plus tax, still have receipt.)
Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy + Jurassic World 3D, blu ray
Marvel animated 8-film collection
Mel Brooks Collection, 9 blu rays
Mork & Mindy complete TV series, 15 DVDs (I paid $26.61, still have the receipt.)
Outlaw Star, complete anime series, 3 blu rays + 4 DVDs
Pirates of the Caribbean 4 movie set, blu ray
Transformers 4-movie blu-ray set
Box sets for $30 each:
Batman Animated Series, 16 DVDs
Fullmetal Alchemist anime series, 8 DVDs
Harry Potter 8-films, 8 blu ray discs (slim pack)
Mad Max High-Octane Collection (5 movies, 5 blu rays)
Box sets for $40 each:
Batman Animated Series blu ray ...SOLD on 4/3/20.
Burn Notice: Complete Series (7 seasons: 3 opened, 4 new)
Harry Potter 8-films, 10 blu ray discs
The Hobbit trilogy, extended editions, blu ray

The reason I'm selling my movies is because I'm selling the bookcase they're on so I can move to a smaller apartment, as explained in my recent video at www.youtube.com/nnjclassifieds
The direct link to the video is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPfRIemU5b4

Cash only please, no checks, debit/gift cards, etc. We can meet during the day inside the lobby of a Wal-MartRockaway, or Wharton.
If the ad is still posted, it's still available. I will remove the ad once the item

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